FoodSHIELD is a web-based collaboration platform designed for the coordination, education, and training of those who protect and defend the global food supply.


United in protecting and defending the food supply.

The Food Protection and Defense Institute created FoodSHIELD to meet the challenge of cross collaboration between countless agencies, organizations, and laboratories working towards a safe and secure food supply. FoodSHIELD provides public and private food and agriculture sectors an on-line platform to coordinate their efforts in a secure and efficient way. FoodSHIELD’s public side contains information on food protection issues, tools, events, jobs, and resources. FoodSHIELD’s secure portal is for members only and houses the collaboration platform.


FoodSHIELD allows the food and agriculture sector to coordinate across the globe. Members can create workgroups to engage existing groups with document centers, on-line meetings, surveys, news feeds, calendars, and discussion forums.


Resources for FoodSHIELD members include a food and agriculture sector contact directory, links to web resources, public discussion forums, conference management, secure file sharing , and on-demand and live trainings.


FoodSHIELD supports partnerships for several multi-agency initiatives including the Manufactured Foods Regulatory Program Standards (MFRPS), Animal Food Regulatory Standards (AFRPS), Produce Regulatory Program Implementation, and Rapid Response Teams (RRTs). Portal workgroups and applications allow agencies to share non-public information related to best practices, risk factor studies, outbreak information, training materials, and agency policies and procedures. This enhanced collaboration has resulted in greater awareness of potential vulnerabilities, the creation of more effective prevention programs, new surveillance systems, implementation of FSMA regulations, and the ability to respond more quickly to outbreaks of foodborne illness.

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