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Research Resources at the University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota has created a multitude of research resources to drive discovery and innovation.

Featured Research Resources

University Imaging Centers

The University Imaging Centers staff assist in experimental design, probe and labeling selection, sample handling, tissue clearing, as well as data analysis and interpretation.

Learn more about the University Imaging Centers.

Office of Measurement Services

The Office of Measurement Services has been in the business of data collection, processing, analysis and reporting for over 85 years.  It offers accurate and timely results at a great value.

Learn more about the Office of Measurement Services.

Research Advancement & Development Professionals Network 

Helping UMN staff build their capacity to support interdisciplinary research.

The Research Advancement & Development Professionals Network (RADPN) is focused on the professional development, training, and networking of research advancement and development professionals at the University of Minnesota. 

Learn more about RADPN.

Bell Museum 

The Bell Museum is Minnesota’s official natural history museum, established by the legislature in 1872 and held in trust by the University of Minnesota. For over a century, the museum has preserved and interpreted our state’s rich natural history and served learners of all ages. Additionally, their scientific collections contain over one million specimens, representing every county in Minnesota and various locales around the globe.

Learn more about the Bell Museum.

UMN Research Resources

Centers and Institutes

The University of Minnesota is home to over 300 research, education, and outreach centers and institutes. 

Learn more about the UMN centers and institutes.

Faculty Resources

We are committed to protecting research participants, upholding ethical standards, and improving our practice at every step of our work.

Learn more about UMN faculty resources.

OVPR Units

OVPR units assist researchers and promote innovation through internal funding opportunities, proposal and award management, research oversight, business engagement, and technology commercialization. 

Learn more about the OVPR units.

Partnerships and Business Resources

Our faculty and students work with partners across disciplines, Minnesota, and the world to meet the grand challenges of our diverse and changing world.

Learn more about the partnerships and business resources.


The University of Minnesota is committed to using innovative tools and information technologies to create and promote collaboration across all academic disciplines and regardless of organizational affiliation or position.  The Experts@Minnesota database can easily be searched to connect with collaborators across the University of Minnesota system so we recommend keeping your profile updated with your research expertise and latest work.

Learn more about Experts@Minnesota.

UMN Libraries

The University of Minnesota’s expert librarians can connect you with the resources you need . . . from the millions of volumes held in our general collections to the treasures of our archives and special collections, from tools to enhance your productivity to programs and services to help you expand the reach of your research.

Researcher Support Services

Researcher support services provides UMN scholars and academics quick access to information and tools to plan, conduct, and disseminate their work.

Learn more about support services.

Research Data Services

In addition to the Data Repository for the U of M curation services, the Libraries will help you navigate available campus resources throughout the data lifecycle.

Learn more about data services.

Digital Conservancy

As the institutional repository of the U of M, the Digital Conservancy provides free, public access and long-term preservation to work created at the U of M.

Learn more about the digital conservancy.

UMN Foundation Resources

The University of Minnesota Foundation (UMF) created the Charitable Grant website to comply with the Regent's charge to secure and manage philanthropic funds to the University.  This website has helpful information about applying to an open RFP from a private or corporate foundation and also when using UMF's 501c3 to apply for a grant.  The website has several resources to help guide you through the entire process.

Learn more about the UMF Charitable Grants Research Hub. 

UMN Research Translation Resources

Resources for Inventors

Includes resources on commercialization, intellectual property information, and university centers.

Learn more about inventor resources.

Resources for Startups

Includes information on the startup process, startup workshops, funding, and conflict of interest issues.

Learn more about startup resources.

UMN Communication Resources

Here you will find everything you need to understand the University of Minnesota brand and use it in your marketing and communications.

Learn how to use the UMN communication resources to share your research.

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