We want to collide science and innovation across disciplines to catalyze solutions for complex global challenges.

Find out how we are working with researchers and innovators around the world to make this happen.

Creating a culture of interdisciplinary research, innovation, and translation.

The Strategic Partnerships and Research Collaborative (SPARC) is a research and innovation hub based at the University of Minnesota. SPARC engages researchers and practitioners across disciplines in the US and globally to establish new large-scale programs that catalyze collaboration, innovate for new discoveries, and deliver practical new solutions that address these critical challenges. SPARC promotes and advances partnerships and projects that put our partners, faculty, staff, and students at the forefront of global innovation, impact, and change.

Latest News

Innovation + Big Ideas

Do you have a BIG IDEA for an innovative research project and need support on your proposal?

SPARC is hosting two networking and brainstorming sessions to facilitate team building and project development for two recently announced major grant opportunities. These sessions are open to anyone in the University of Minnesota community interested in leading or collaborating on either of these opportunities and who might need assistance from SPARC.

Learn more about the SPARC brainstorming and networking sessions.